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I had a breast reduction on 6/11/15 and been out of work on Short term. I just noticed that a needle may have been left inside

Your best bet would be to return to the surgeon who performed the reduction surgery and discuss your concerns with him or her. Until you know for sure whether the…

Do I have a Case now that my Child has been diagniosed with Cerebral Palsy?

You should speak with a malpractice lawyer. You only have a limited amount of time to pursue the claim on your son's behalf, and it is very important to gather…

My husband went in for carpel tunnel surgery back in Dec 2013. After surgery he lost feeling in his 2 middle fingers. So he went through therapy. Got

It is difficult to properly evaluate your case from a legal standpoint in an internet forum. This is because all malpractice cases are extremely fact specific and unique. The best…

My wife went in the Hospital to have two majior back surgies. after surgery she went to rehab and they let her fall and break her leg. I would like

It is too difficult to ascertain whether or not you have a potential claim against the rehab facility without reviewing the medical records. It would be in your best interest…

do i have a malpractice/wrongful death case?

To be perfectly honest with you, Ask-A-Lawyer is not the proper forum for addressing the merits of your potential malpractice case. Only a qualified lawyer who has reviewed all the…

Do I have a case?

In order to pursue any personal injury claim, the plaintiff must be able to prove four things: 1. A duty owed, 2. a breach of the duty owed, 3. an…


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