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For the last thirty years, vehicle manufacturers have been required to pass certain safety tests before their cars can go on the market. As part of these ...
by on March 06, 2018
Many people assume that concussions are a relatively minor form of head injury and are not cause for major concern until a victim has suffered a number of ...
by on February 20, 2018
Most people have heard of whiplash and rightly associate it with car accidents. However, only car accident victims who suffer from this injury actually ...
by on February 06, 2018
During serious collisions, the windshield is one of the first things to break. In an effort to counter this, vehicle manufacturers began putting lamination ...
by on January 23, 2018
Late last month, part of Interstate 77 was closed for eight hours after a collision caused by a wrong way driver caused a nearby fuel truck to swerve off of ...
by on January 09, 2018



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