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Insurance say car is totaled and wants to take the car after they pay the bank. is that legal?

Technically speaking, there is not much you can do about it. Once they offer you full value for the vehicle plus the salvage value, they are entitled to take ownership…

What do I do about the insurance claim ?

If the other driver is now making a claim against you and/or your boyfriend for the damages to his car or for injuries he suffered in the collision, you need…

Should bodily injury payouts be included in settlements?

You should be commended for doing the right thing by trying to pay the damages for the accident your husband caused while driving without insurance. It is never wise to…

How to get your claim settled

If the company, the person who caused the accident, and/or their insurance company will not return your phone calls or properly deal with you on this claim, your only recourse…

I need a breast reduction and my insurance company will not pay for it. If my surgery is medically necessary can they still deny it?

You should review your health insurance plan documents closely, including the summary of benefits and the full plan description. Those documents will control what is and is not covered by…

what can I do to avoid this situation

Your best bet would be to hire an attorney and file a declaratory action against your insurance company to ask the court to determine if there is coverage or not.…


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