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Category: Personal Injury

Category: Personal Injury

The Feres Doctrine is an injustice that has limited the ability of military service members to bring medical malpractice claims for years. Established in ...
by on January 15, 2019
You may never have heard of a “glass injury” before, but unfortunately, they are very real, and they happen a lot as of late. Yet another man was ...
by on January 01, 2019
In mid-November, 150 victims came forward with allegations of sexual abuse by former Ohio State University doctor Richard Strauss. The allegations cover 1979 ...
by on December 11, 2018
The last time you purchased an electronic gadget, the furthest thought from your mind was whether it would explode, right? Most people do not check a ...
by on November 20, 2018
Millions of Ohio workers would rather build successful careers as opposed to finding themselves displaced due to injury, but an unfortunate reality about ...
by on November 13, 2018



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