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Products Liability Newsletters

Products Liability Newsletters

Asbestos Litigation

For over forty years, asbestos litigation has been a part of the American judicial landscape. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material that has been used in building materials for many years, often for insulation. While nearly everyone in the U.S. has been exposed to asbestos at some time, many people who are exposed to asbestos over a long period of time have become ill.

Food and Drug Administration Regulation of Medical Devices

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates medical devices. This includes the development, marketing, and monitoring of medical devices. Medical devices are classified into three categories.

Household Chemical Litigation

Almost any household chemical can be dangerous if swallowed or spilled. It is estimated that the average home in America contains over 60 toxic chemicals. Some of the commonly used household products that can be dangerous are air fresheners, ammonia, bleach, carpet and upholstery shampoos, dishwasher detergents, drain cleaners, furniture polishes, mold and mildew cleaners, oven cleaners, antibacterial cleaners, and toilet bowl cleaners. The injuries that these products can cause range from mild skin irritation to death.

Product Misuse Defense in Products Liability Lawsuits

Strict product liability means holding the manufacturer or seller of defective products responsible if the product injures a consumer who buys or uses the product. The courts impose liability for personal injury and property damage caused by products that are defectively designed or manufactured.

Smoke Detector Litigation

Smoke detectors are invaluable in saving lives. It is estimated that three-fifths of all deaths from home fires occurred in homes without smoke detectors. But what happens when a smoke detector fails to alert residents of the presence of smoke? Who is responsible for smoke detector failure?

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