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Insurance Bad Faith

Toledo, Ohio Insurance Dispute Law Firm Focusing on Bad Faith Insurance Claims

If you learn nothing else about insurance companies from Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC, remember this: They are not “good neighbors.” They are not “on your side.” And, you are not in “good hands.” They ignore. They delay. They put up smoke screens. And they deny.

Because of this and because Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC is dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests, we’ve found ourselves on a collision course with insurance companies many times. As demonstrated by the verdicts and settlements we have been able to achieve, we’ve more than held our own in Ohio. We are here to fight for our client’s rights when insurance companies have refused to act in good faith and you feel your claim has been denied unjustly.

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Our lawyers help policyholders who have bad faith insurance claims arising from the following types of situations:

  • Denied claims where the reasoning is unfair, arbitrary or unjust
  • Unreasonable delay
  • The amount offered is insufficient to cover the claim

Whether the insurer has denied a claim from a car accident or a truck accident or even a surgical error, we have experience exploring the basis for a bad faith insurance claim. We always ask the following questions when researching one of these cases:

  • Did your insurer conduct a proper investigation before denying the claim?
  • Were the investigators they hired impartial or biased?
  • Did they deny the claim on a valid basis?
  • Did the insurer adhere to policy language?

Our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of the details of the accident, the claim and the policy the claim was filed under. We believe understanding the history of the facts of a case is the key to figuring out if the insurance company breached their duty and if a bad faith insurance claim exists. We also want to make sure insurance companies live up to the promises they make in every type of policy, from a car insurance policy to a life insurance policy. We have been handling these types of insurance claims for a long time and we believe our success is founded on our attention to detail.

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