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what is my liability if I lend my car to my adult son and he is responsible for a serious injury or death of another person?

Generally speaking, under Ohio law, an owner of a vehicle cannot be responsible for the damages caused by an adult driver of the vehicle except in two instances: 1. the…

How do I apply for Auto Injury Extension for less than $10000 without a Lawyer?

It sounds to me like your are asking for an extension to extend your statute of limitations beyond the expiration period, which appears to be July 30, 2014 based upon…

My 7 yr old son was involved in a car accident in a state he doesn’t live in while staying with grandparents

Once you have reached a tentative settlement agreement with the insurance company, you need to file an application to approve minor settlement with the probate court in the county in…

califonia has a class action lawsuit dealing with toxic chemicals that cause birth defects and cancer. why hasn’t other states followed this action

If there is a class action filed in one state, it applies to all claims made from any potentially injured party, regardless of what state they live in. Class actions…

I was hit by a bus owned/operated by a state entity. what is their liability for my personal injury? Can I recover pain and suffering?

You if your injured due to the negligence of a state employee, you are entitled to your out of pocket expenses (i.e. property damage deductible, out of pocket medical bills),…


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