Why Trucking Accidents are Often More Dangerous Than Car Accidents

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Why Trucking Accidents are Often More Dangerous Than Car Accidents

August 22, 2021
By Lafferty Gallagher Scott

Accidents involving commercial trucks are typically much more dangerous than collisions involving two smaller passenger cars. The size and weight of trucks are the main factors that make accidents involving these vehicles so serious, and sometimes even fatal. Other factors that could lead to a truck accident are negligent maintenance, and truck drivers who do not have the experience or ability to control their vehicle. Below are four main differences between accidents involving trucks and crashes involving any other type of vehicle.

The Size of Trucks

The size of a transport truck is undoubtedly one of the main factors that make truck accidents so much more serious than other collisions on the road. The average length of a commercial truck is between 70 to 80 feet. By comparison, the average car’s length is only between 10 and 14 feet. That is a substantial difference and is one reason commercial truck accidents result in such serious injuries, property damage, and sometimes even death.

The Weight of Trucks

In addition to their size, the weight of a truck also affects the severity of a truck accident. Legally, trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and they often do when they are fully loaded. The average weight of a car is only 5,000 pounds. Again, this is a significant difference, and when a truck is in an accident with a smaller car, it is the passenger vehicle that will absorb most of the force of the impact. As such, anyone inside the smaller vehicle is much more likely to sustain serious injuries.

Strict Deadlines

Most truck drivers are under immense pressure to deliver their cargo by a certain deadline. This means truckers are on the road for long periods of time, regardless of traffic, weather, or even the federal law that limits the amount of time a truck driver can spend on the road at one time. To make the matter worse, some truckers use alcohol or drugs because they think these substances help them stay away. In reality, they only impair the driver and make an accident more likely to occur. Regardless of whether a truck driver is drowsy or impaired, it means everyone on the road around them is at risk.

Dangerous Cargo

Commercial trucks carry many different types of cargo, and some of that material is hazardous. Trucks often carry heavy objects, flammable material, and they are often overloaded. When the truck is in an accident then, that dangerous cargo spills out onto the roadway and can directly hurt someone, or cause a fire or other condition that places innocent people at risk.

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