What to Do After a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

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What to Do After a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

October 29, 2022
By Lafferty Gallagher Scott

So, you have been involved in an accident involving multiple vehicles, and even you are not sure who is to blame. Multi-vehicle accidents can be complicated, but there is usually a primary cause or a “first in the chain.”. After that, other drivers can contribute by failing to stop in time, speeding, or otherwise striking cars that have been disabled. Sometimes, a multi-vehicle accident is considered one event. Other times, an accident involving multiple vehicles may be regarded as a separate accident. Below we will discuss various types of multi-vehicle accidents and how they are likely to be resolved. 

Who Struck Your Vehicle?

Accident reconstruction specialists want to determine who was the first in the chain. Often, this involves two cars that struck each other when one driver was not paying attention, violated a rule of traffic, and caused a preventable accident. In that case, the liability would likely fall on one of the two drivers involved in the initial crash. Other drivers who enter the fray because they could not avoid the crash would also file claims on the first driver’s insurance policy. 

In some cases, the crash is already over with, and cars have stopped to avoid striking the vehicles. Then, another vehicle that is not paying attention, often a truck like an 18-wheeler, fails to stop in time and rear-ends a driver who was paying attention and did stop in time. The first driver would not be blamed for that accident. Rather, the truck driver who failed to stop in time would be blamed.

What Happens in a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Police are almost always called when there are multiple vehicles involved in an accident. They take an accident report, but it is up to you to protect your interests. Chances are good that you will be filing an insurance claim for property damage or injuries. To get the most out of a bad situation, you will need to make a few moves (if you are able) at the scene of the accident. This will include snapping photos of the damage to your vehicle, the vehicle that struck you, and other vehicles involved in the accident. 

Accident Checklist: Now What Should I Do?

First of all, make certain that you are physically okay and ensure that you are looked at by first responders when they arrive at the scene. You should also seek immediate medical attention as it may not be apparent that you have sustained an injury while your adrenaline is pumping. Head injuries especially can be challenging to diagnose without a doctor, and even folks who feel fine after the accident can show symptoms days or even weeks later. A doctor can tell you if you have sustained a concussion. This information will be important for your insurance claim, as well. Insurance companies will hold the fact that you did not seek immediate medical attention against you when you file your claims. 

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