What is an IME- Independent Medical Examination?

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What is an IME- Independent Medical Examination?

October 21, 2015
By jhartle@lgslaw.net

Under the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, an opposing party is permitted to have a personal injury victim examined by a doctor of their own choosing. These are most often used when a person has a pre-existing medical condition or if the opposing feels that the injured victim is exaggerating his/her injuries. These examinations are known as Independent Medical Examinations, or IMEs.

Sadly, IMEs are anything but independent. Routinely, IMEs are more appropriately referred to as “Insurance Medical Exams” or “Defense Medical Exams”. Most IMEs lack independence because they are performed by doctors who have made a significant living working for insurance companies and defense lawyers, performing hundreds or thousands of IMEs over their careers. One local doctor here in Toledo has made millions of dollars in fees performing IMEs over his career, all for insurance companies and defense lawyers. Though not necessarily true of all doctors who do IMEs, the vast majority who work for the insurance companies and defense lawyers know what they have to say to make their employer happy, or they may never see another IME from them again.

Tune in next week for some tips about undergoing an IME and making it help your case.
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