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Still Waiting for the Check?

November 13, 2013
By jhartle@lgslaw.net

Television commercials feature smiling insurance adjusters giving large checks to relieved customers. Experienced Toledo, Ohio insurance dispute attorneys know the reality is much different. Simply stated, insurance companies do not earn a profit by paying claims. But if you have been paying money into the system, it is your right to expect fair compensation for your insured loss.

An insurance dispute lawyer in Toledo can base your claim on any one of several areas:

  • Inadequate investigation — Frequently, an insurance company will develop a preconceived notion as to cause and effect, gather the information it needs to support that position, and declare the matter to be closed. Ohio law requires more. The insurance company must evaluate multiple theories of fault, not just the theory that best supports its balance sheet.
  • Bad faith — This generally involves either delay or misrepresentation. If a tree falls on your house during a thunderstorm, there is little or no doubt as to liability and the insurance company should quickly pay the claim. If the adjuster tries to use the fine print to avoid payment, that is also bad faith.
  • Exploitation — In a case in which there is some serious personal injury involved, insured persons may feel as though there is little choice but to accept the first offer. Many times, the adjuster is aware of the insured person’s vulnerability and uses that situation as leverage to pay less than fair compensation.

Toledo, Ohio insurance dispute attorneys routinely deal in these matters and other bad faith disputes. A few extra dollars may be almost meaningless to a large insurance company, but fair compensation can make all the difference to you and your family.

Expecting the insurance company to pay the full value of your claim is like expecting to hit the jackpot at the casino. The odds are that neither of those things will happen, because both the insurance company and the casino are in business to make a profit. If you think you have a bad faith dispute with your insurance company, contact Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC to schedule your free consultation.










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