Another Person Seriously Injured by Exploding Corona Beer Bottle

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Another Person Seriously Injured by Exploding Corona Beer Bottle

January 01, 2019
By jhartle@lgslaw.net

You may never have heard of a “glass injury” before, but unfortunately, they are very real, and they happen a lot as of late. Yet another man was seriously injured by a Corona beer bottle this month (November), which suddenly exploded and sent shards of glass into his leg. He is the third person in recent months to report to The New York Post that a Corona bottle exploded while he was (reasonably) handling it. As a result, he was thrown onto the ground, passed out, and lost consciousness, with his leg cut and bleeding profusely. His leg then became infected over the next few days, leading to a significant amount of pain and suffering.

In July, the Post covered the story of two men who were partially blinded by Corona bottles. Several individuals who have suffered from glass injuries linked to Corona have not only sued the brewer, but also the bottle manufacturer and distributor for negligence. For example, a 2-year-old boy who was partially blinded after a Corona bottle exploded sued for $46 million 10 years ago in 2007/2008.

How Does This Happen?

Some have pointed out that Corona, as a company, skimps on the production process and lacks proper quality controls. According to some sources, this can result from adding too much sugar and carbonation, too early on in the bottling process—an arguably easy mistake to avoid. As a result, things frequently go wrong during the brewing and bottling process, and you can essentially end up with a “grenade” that is waiting to go off.

What is Corona Doing About It?

As of now, there is no indication that Corona plans to issue a recall or modify their manufacturing processes so that these injuries do not continue to occur, even though several of these individuals are now out of work and left with terrible headaches and other disabilities as a result of being left blind in one eye, and some have been suing the company for at least 10 years now after receiving these debilitating injuries. As a result of this inaction, some restaurants have even decided to stop carrying all Corona items.

Meanwhile, Corona-based companies have been sued for a number of other issues, as well, including allegations that the company forces product distributors to buy more product than they can sell and engages in racial discrimination.  

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