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One Tragic Moment

by onOctober 02, 2013

Generally speaking, mechanical or other problems with an amusement park ride are merely an annoyance. Occasionally, however, such defects can lead to tragic accidents. Despite the down economy, more and more people are spending a greater amount of time at various amusement parks in Ohio and Michigan. If your weekend visit came to a tragic end, especially in Toledo, Ohio, wrongful death lawsuits may be necessary for your family to obtain some kind of closure.
A Toledo wrongful death attorney may deal with various amusement park incidents. A wrongful death tragedy can occur at a variety of locations. These include:

  • Local entertainment attractions include rides at shopping centers, and local water parks. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, such attractions account for 22% of serious park injuries. Sometimes the park has an issue with a mechanical failure on a water slide, while at other times, there may be too few lifeguards on duty. The bulk of Toledo, Ohio wrongful death lawsuits originate in water parks.
  • Twenty-one percent of serious injuries occur at fixed entertainment attractions, such as Six Flags and Disneyland. Seemingly each year, such places boast of a new attraction that is higher or faster than its competitors. Even a slight mechanical flaw can have a major impact.
  • Inflatable bounce houses are well-known for serious injuries (20% of the total). If you are planning a backyard party, be sure that you know the bounce house’s specifications and safety guidelines.
  • Mobile entertainment attractions — predominantly carnival rides — comprised¬†16% of serious park injuries in 2006.

Most parks are quite safe, with attractions bring mechanically sound and properly supervised. However, if a tragedy does occur, and you believe that the accident may have been someone else’s fault, contact Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC to schedule your free initial consultation.



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