Ohio Court of Appeals Affirms Verdict Against Derelict Utility Company

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Ohio Court of Appeals Affirms Verdict Against Derelict Utility Company

April 06, 2015
By jhartle@lgslaw.net

In an opinion released December 11, 2014, the Court of Appeals for the Eighth District of Ohio affirmed a jury verdict against FirstEnergy Corp. for its failure to remove or relocate utility poles after a road widening project. This despite the fact that the original plan submitted by FirstEnergy called for removal of those poles, and the local engineer’s office demanding FirstEnergy remove the poles on numerous occasions. As a result, the utility poles were a mere few feet from the edge of the roadway, posing a serious danger to the motoring public.

Because of FirstEnergy’s failure to abide by its original plan and heed the warnings of the local government concerning safety of the general public, Plaintiff sustained serious permanent injuries after his motorcycle was struck by a deer, forcing him off the road and colliding with one of the utility poles that was supposed to be removed.

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