Is Distracted or Drunk Driving the Bigger Traffic Safety Threat?

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Is Distracted or Drunk Driving the Bigger Traffic Safety Threat?

September 05, 2021
By Lafferty Gallagher Scott

Most Americans are in agreement that drunk driving is wrong, but many of those same people still have no problem texting while driving. However, studies continue to show that distracted driving is actually more dangerous than drunk driving. When a driver is distracted, their focus is no longer on the road in front of them, and they are not thinking about the innocent people they may hurt. 

Unfortunately, texting and driving results in far too many accidents every year, and people become seriously hurt. It is for this reason that it is crucial for all drivers in Ohio to understand the true danger texting and driving presents.

Texting and Driving is the New Drunk Driving

Drunk driving and distracted driving are both incredibly dangerous behaviors, but research shows that the latter holds more risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) texting while driving is six times more dangerous than drunk driving. Additionally, the Transport Research Laboratory shows that composing a text message behind the wheel slows a driver’s reaction time by 35%. Drunk driving, on the other hand, only slows a driver’s reaction time by 12 percent. These stats are the reason many refer to texting and driving as the new drunk driving.

Texting and Driving is More Common than Drunk Driving

Perhaps because of the many awareness campaigns focused on the dangers of drunk driving, fewer people seem to be engaging in this behavior. According to the NHTSA, over the last 30 years, incidences of drunk driving have dropped by one-third. At the same time, accidents involving texting and driving have been increasing. It is also presumed that many accidents involving distracted drivers are underreported, which means texting and driving is likely far more common than drunk driving.

The Importance of Not Texting and Driving

When a driver texts while behind the wheel, they take their eyes off the road for approximately five seconds. If a driver is traveling at 55 miles per hour, five seconds is enough time to cover the distance of a football field. That is more than enough time to cause them to drift out of their lane, or fail to see that the car in front of them has stopped.

No text is important enough to put the lives of everyone around a distracted driver at risk. There are many ways to receive texts without holding a cell phone today, including voice commands and even cell phone holders that keep the device out of the driver’s hands, but within their line of sight. In the event that any driver feels as though they must hold their phone, they should pull over and stop the vehicle before doing so.

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