Four Mistakes to Avoid in Your Ohio Personal Injury Case

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Four Mistakes to Avoid in Your Ohio Personal Injury Case

August 11, 2020
By Lafferty Gallagher Scott

Pursuing a claim for damages in an Ohio personal injury case can be complicated. You can easily make mistakes that can harm your case without even realizing it. That is one reason why retaining an Ohio personal injury lawyer early on is so important. Having an attorney on your side can help you avoid these mistakes.

To understand what not to do, we are sharing four of the most common mistakes we see when people who try to handle their own personal injury claims without an experienced attorney.

Not Contacting the Police

After an injury auto accident, you should always contact the police. The police report is an essential piece of the investigation. At a minimum, it will include:

  • Names and contact information for all parties;
  • Insurance information;
  • Descriptions of each vehicle and areas of damage;
  • Names and contact information for all witnesses;
  • Responding officer’s contact information;
  • Report of the accident;
  • Possibly, scene photos; and
  • Any other pertinent information.

If you fail to obtain the police report, you will be missing critical information to help prove your claim. 

Not Seeing a Doctor Soon Enough

Injured parties who are not taken from the scene via ambulance sometimes wait weeks before seeing a doctor. That can cause significant problems with their cases. The defendant’s insurance company will focus on how long it took you to seek medical treatment and use that against you. They may claim that your injuries are not that severe or that your injuries may not be related to the accident if you wait too long to seek treatment. If you waited weeks to see a doctor, you might have been in another accident or hurt yourself in another way in the interim.

Accepting the Insurance Company’s Initial Offer

In many cases, the defendant’s insurance company makes an offer early on. This offer is rarely anywhere close to what your case is worth. They are hoping that you will accept it to resolve the matter early on because you need money. This is a huge mistake, especially if you are still undergoing treatment or if you may need future treatment. Once you sign a release of all claims, you cannot come back and ask for more money if it turns out you need additional treatment and time off work.

Missing the Statute of Limitations

Another common mistake that unrepresented clients make is missing the statute of limitations. The timeline will vary based on the type of personal injury claim you are making. In addition, there may be other factors that could alter the time you have to file. When you have an attorney representing you, he or she will make sure your case is filed on time.

Contact an Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

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