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Easy Rider?

October 23, 2013
By Joseph S. Hartle

In the movies, stunt riders always emerge completely unscathed from high-speed motorcycle accidents. Toledo, Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers know that reality is much different. Even a low-speed accident can destroy both your bike and your body, since both rider and machine are completely exposed when on the road. It is important to have an attorney who truly understands the full extent of your loss.

Even a casual rider notices the contempt that drivers often have for motorcyclists, both on the street and in the parking lot. In a driver’s mind, you are always moving too slowly or too rapidly. Your bike is parked too close to the sidewalk and in the way, or your bike is unfairly occupying a valuable parking space. When this leads to an accident, a Toledo motorcycle attorney can help in several important ways:

  • Financial — It does not take very much damage to total your bike. Whether your bike is drivable or not, a replacement motorcycle is almost always in order.
  • Physical — Your injuries are much different than they would be in an auto accident. Whereas a car crash victim may escape with whiplash and other soft tissue injuries, a motorcyclist may easily wind up with a broken foot or leg or a head injury.
  • Severe injuries — A motorcycle accident is much more likely to involve fatal injuries. In 2008, crash deaths involving cars or light trucks reached an all-time low, while motorcycle crash deaths rose to an all-time high.

Toledo, Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers are well-equipped to help you or your loved ones recover all the things that the accident took from you.

In the legal field, experience is everything. The attorneys at Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC have more than 100 years of combined experience. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.










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