The Dangers of Road Rage

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The Dangers of Road Rage

April 17, 2018
By jhartle@lgslaw.net

Most car crashes are the result of at least one person’s negligence. However, a surprising number of accidents also involve intentional violations of the law and aggressive driving, which is commonly known as road rage. Road rage can cause serious injuries, for which victims can and should be held accountable, so if you were injured in an accident after colliding with an aggressive or reckless driver, it is important to speak with a car accident attorney who can help you seek compensation for your losses.

Defining Road Rage

Road rage is a label used to describe the type of violent conduct exhibited by extremely aggressive drivers. In most cases, road rage stems from a person’s uncontrolled anger at another driver, although it can be aggravated by intoxication, drug use, traffic, and outside stressors. While a variety of behaviors fall under the category of road rage, it usually involves one or more of the following actions:

  • Intentionally striking another car;
  • Trying to force another vehicle off of the road;
  • Pulling over in order to engage in a violent encounter with another person; and
  • Attempting to use a weapon to injure another driver or his or her vehicle.

Road-rage related accidents often start with the use of aggressive driving tactics, including tailgating, brake checking, repeated honking, speeding, flashing headlights at other drivers, verbal attacks, and making abrupt lane changes in order to cut off others on the road.

These kinds of behaviors indicate that someone is experiencing road rage, but may also inspire road rage in other drivers.

Reacting to Road Rage

Anger and aggressive driving can quickly escalate to road rage, which can result in devastating accidents. One of the best ways to avoid these situations is for drivers who are faced with these situations is to take certain steps, which could include:

  • Trying to stay calm;
  • Avoiding eye contact with the combative driver;
  • Letting the other driver pass you;
  • Staying on well-traveled and well-lit roads;
  • Ignoring attempts to fight;
  • Refusing to respond to verbal attacks; and
  • Waving or mouthing an apology.

When a person feels especially at risk because of another driver’s aggressive behavior, he or she should attempt to remain calm and may also want to think about writing down the car’s license plate number and model name. This information can later be used to file a report with the appropriate authorities. This may be the best course of action for those who believe that they are in imminent danger of injury and can make it easier for the targeted party to collect compensation at a later date.

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