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Truck Accident Lawyer Bowling Green

The large tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks that travel through Bowling Green are important to the economy. These vehicles carry the important goods consumers in the city use every day. Unfortunately, accidents involving trucks are far more common than people think. One study showed that 35% of long-distance truckers reported being involved in at least one accident during their career.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you may deserve compensation for your injuries and other losses. Sadly, going up against the trucking companies and the insurers that cover them is never easy. Our truck accident lawyer in Bowling Green can help you obtain the full damages to which you are entitled.

What Causes Truck Accidents in Bowling Green?

All auto accidents in Bowling Green, including truck crashes, are governed by tort law. Under these laws, accident victims can file a claim against any liable, or at-fault, party that caused the crash resulting in injury. Liable parties in truck accident claims often include negligent truck drivers, the trucking company they work for, cargo loading companies, and maintenance providers. Negligence can take many forms and cause a crash, but the most common acts include:

  • Drowsy driving
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Improper lane changes
  • Tailgating
  • Driving under the influence
  • Texting while driving

After an accident as serious as one involving a truck, you may not know what caused your crash right away. Even if you know, it is not always easy to determine who is liable for paying compensation. For example, a truck may have slammed into you from behind, causing a serious accident. You may think the truck driver was negligent when it was actually defective brakes that caused the accident. A truck accident lawyer in Bowling Green can determine what caused your accident and who is to blame.

Evidence to Collect After a Truck Accident

Unfortunately, simply stating that someone else was to blame for a crash is not enough. You must collect strong evidence to prove your case and to show that you did not contribute to the accident. Some of the strongest evidence used in truck accident cases includes:

  • The cell phone records of the truck driver
  • Information contained within the black box and the electronic data recorder
  • Truck maintenance records and inspection reports
  • The medical history of the driver
  • Records of the truck driver’s experience and qualifications
  • The logs and employment records of the truck driver

While the above evidence is important, it is not easy to collect when you are trying to recover from serious injuries. A truck accident lawyer in Bowling Green will know the evidence to gather, and obtain it on your behalf.

Call Our Bowling Green Truck Accident Lawyer for a Free Consultation

If you have been hurt by a large truck, you should not have to suffer the financial burden of the crash, too. At Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC, our truck accident lawyer in Bowling Green can take care of every detail of your claim so you can focus on your recovery. Call us now or contact us online to schedule a free review of your case and learn more about your legal options.


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