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Truck Accident Attorneys Near Me

A growing number of truck accidents are occurring because trucking companies are cutting corners on training and due diligence. In some cases, truckers are driving on suspended commercial driver’s licenses. Other times, the driver has no CDL at all. Even in cases in which the driver does have a CDL, it is generally required that they pass training with a supervisor watching them on delivery.

In cases where trucking companies shirk their duties under the law and their drivers cause accidents that injure or kill others on the road, the trucking company is responsible for making restitution to the victim or their family. A Toledo truck accident lawyer can help you recover damages related to your injuries.

Allegations Made Against Trucking Companies

There are all kinds of accidents that occur between drivers on the road. The incident is investigated by the insurance companies, and it usually involves some basic traffic infraction. The winnable cases involve basic traffic infractions, such as a failure to safely change lanes. The plaintiff is entitled to recover damages related to their physical injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and reduced quality of life. The plaintiff is not required to prove that the trucking company was negligent. They need only prove that their driver committed some infraction that resulted in the accident. This is your basic kind of trucking accident case.

A much more serious trucking accident case involves allegations of negligence on the part of the trucking company. Generally speaking, the trucking company is responsible for performing their due diligence when hiring, training, and entrusting their vehicles to a driver. These are the types of lawsuits that you hear about in the newspapers with so-called nuclear verdicts going up into eight figures. 

My Truck Accident Lawsuit

Your Ohio truck accident attorneys at Lafferty, Gallagher, & Scott will go over the details of your case to ensure that the trucking company is meeting its obligations under the law. Trucking companies carry very large insurance policies to pay out on basic claims, in excess of $250,000, so in most cases, filing a claim on the trucking company’s insurance company will be the right move. However, Lafferty, Gallagher, & Scott will also investigate other incidents involving this trucking company to ensure that they are training their truckers properly, that their truckers have CDLs in good standing, and that they are adhering to federal restrictions concerning hours of service. If the trucking company was negligent, that is when you see the newspaper-worthy headlines.

Talk to an Ohio Truck Accident Attorney Near Me

Lafferty, Gallagher, & Scott litigate cases on behalf of injured motorists after they have been involved in trucking accidents. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help.


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