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Qualities of a Top Injury Attorney in Toledo

Those who have been seriously injured in a preventable accident that was caused by the negligence of another individual have every right to vet their personal injury attorneys to the degree possible. Indeed, there are many firms out there that will quickly settle lawsuits for a tad more than the insurance company offers, take a cut, and make a decent living doing so. Their clients do not know what the value of their own case is, so when an attorney secures more than what the insurance company is offering, it may appear to the client that the attorney has provided some value to the case, but that is just not true. The following will discuss what you should be looking for in a personal injury attorney in Toledo when the stakes are very high.

Empathy and Compassion

This may sound a little cheesy, but it is absolutely imperative for a personal injury lawyer to understand and empathize with his or her client’s suffering. Any injury lawyer can argue as to why you should be reimbursed for your medical expenses, expenses related to your recovery, and lost wages. A personal injury attorney adds value to the lawsuit by stressing your pain and suffering, emphasizing those things that you can no longer enjoy as a result of your injuries, and how your injuries have impacted your life. It is precisely what an insurance company will not offer you in compensation.

The attorneys at Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott ensure that your case is trial-ready, emphasizing the key emotional points that will move a jury to award you a higher verdict.

They Are Not Afraid to Go to Trial

This is a big one. Many personal injury attorneys will avoid going to trial. They may secure a reasonable settlement, but attorneys who can leverage the cost of a trial over an insurance company routinely secure the best settlements for their clients.

Why? A trial is an added expense to an insurance company, too. They have to prepare the case and then argue it in front of a jury. Not only do they risk a verdict for the policy’s max, but they are also rolling the dice on the added expense of litigation. In cases where they feel like they have solid chances, they may run that risk. In a lot of cases, however, they will not.

This is precisely why you need an attorney who is willing to go to trial and can prepare the case to be trial-ready. This often leverages the insurance company or an at-fault party’s own attorney into settling the case to the plaintiff’s satisfaction.

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Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott understand what it takes to win a personal injury suit and secure our clients’ top settlements. We win by making your case trial ready and emphasizing the emotional points of the case. This is why we have secured millions of dollars in settlements for thousands of clients. Give us a call or contact us online to set up an appointment.


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