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How to Spot the Top Auto Accident Attorneys in Toledo

Auto accident lawsuits may seem like relatively routine cases, but they are not routine to you. You are not often in a position to require an attorney in order to recover damages after a car accident. That is because, typically, auto accident attorneys only work on cases where there were serious bodily injuries. It becomes exponentially more important to have a Toledo top auto accident attorney manage your case when you have sustained serious injuries. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for that.

What Happens After You Have Been Injured in an Auto Accident?

When you have been injured by a negligent driver, you will file a claim against their auto insurance policy. Their insurance provider then begins processing your claim. They take a look at the accident, your injuries, and assess blame. Their job is to advocate wholly on behalf of their client. In other words, the insurance company’s interests are completely aligned with those of the at-fault driver and not at all with yours.

If they attempt to talk to you on the phone, it is important that you do not say anything to them. They will present themselves as if they are attempting to help you get your settlement cleared away, but in truth, they are attempting to elicit information that they will use against you in a bid to devalue your claim. There is nothing that you can tell them that will improve your chances of collecting a fair settlement in court. Their job is to represent the best interests of their client. If they fail to do so, they can be sued.

On your end, you may have a long recovery period. There may be a period of incapacity. Some people sustain permanent injuries in auto accidents. They cannot go back to work or must secure new employment in order to support themselves. In addition, they can no longer enjoy activities they once enjoyed. They may no longer be able to enjoy intimate moments with their spouses. They go through intense periods of depression and emotional anguish. But they go on and, in the process, try to rebuild their lives.

Getting a Top Auto Accident Attorney in Toledo

Your attorney’s job is to vigorously advocate for your interests. That means maximizing the value of your claim. That means taking into account every injury you suffered in the course of an accident that you did not cause. Plus that means considering your financial losses as well as your emotional ones.

Talk to a Top Auto Accident Attorney in Toledo

The Law Office of Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott has successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for our auto accident clients. When your injuries are severe, you need an attorney who will fight tooth and nail to see that you are compensated for all your injuries—not just your medical bills.


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