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American roadways continue to become more dangerous year after year. Even during 2020, when the coronavirus quarantine was limiting traffic, a larger percentage of the accidents that did occur were fatal, even though there were fewer of them. Statisticians were not sure what to make of the data. Fewer cars on the road mean fewer accidents, but why would a growing number of the accidents that do occur be fatal? Some of these accidents were linked back to trucking companies that were under growing pressure to ensure that the supply chains did not break. Other accidents were related to speeding on emptier roadways than usual. Regardless, traffic safety continues to be a huge concern for health officials in every state across the U.S.

Standard accident claims

Standard accident claims occur every day. Someone gets into a fender bender with someone else, the insurance companies are notified, and a determination is reached as to fault. You want an experienced lawyer on your side when your injuries are substantial and significant and at the very least, prevent you from going to work. Such claims involve complex allegations and damages that will require an attorney. So the general rule is: The more substantial your injuries are, the more important it is that you hire a Perrysburg auto accident attorney.

Commercial truck accident claims

Commercial vehicle claims are similar to standard accident claims most of the time. You simply file the claim on the company’s insurance policy as opposed to a driver’s personal policy. These policies go much higher than standard insurance requirements. Most companies are required to have policies up to $250,000 or more. This is good because tractor-trailers and other large commercial trucks take skill to operate. There are numerous blind spots on a large vehicle, and mistakes, even by skilled truckers, do happen. Sometimes, however, the company that employed the drivers did not do their due diligence when checking their credentials. Other times drivers violate hours of service obligations or other rules under the law. 

Negligence claims against trucking companies

Did you hear that two trucking companies were hit with a $1 billion settlement? Such “nuclear” verdicts are becoming more commonplace. They result from administrative failures within the company to hire qualified drivers, train the drivers adequately, or ensure the drivers have the proper licensure. In the case with the $1 billion settlement, one of the drivers did not have their commercial driver’s license. The jury found cause to punish the company for putting the public in harm’s way. Those are the sorts of claims you read about in the newspaper. It takes a skilled litigator to see beyond the surface of a claim and prove the company was negligent—not just their driver.

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