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Those who are seriously injured by the negligence of another individual or company are authorized under the law to file a lawsuit against them to recover damages related to those injuries. Yet more often than not, this process is fraught with frustration because on the other side of the aisle is an insurance company that is more concerned with its bottom line than providing the service they are required to provide under the law. Perrysburg injury attorneys can help.

The general rule of thumb is: The more serious your injuries are, the more important it is to have an attorney manage your claim. Insurance companies will not honor a valid claim willingly and must be leveraged into the position of doing so. Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott have made it our mission to advocate for our clients when insurance companies make insulting low-ball offers and ensure they are compensated fairly for their injuries. Talk to us today to set up a free consultation.

Insurance Claims in Injury Lawsuits

The chances are good that, if you are seeking compensation for an injury, you will be filing a claim on another individual’s insurance policy. Homeowners carry homeowner’s insurance that indemnifies them against injuries on their premises or dog bites. Businesses have a general liability policy that protects them against slips and falls or other dangerous conditions. Drivers carry auto insurance that protects them in the event of an accident. Doctors carry medical malpractice insurance that pays injured patients for medical negligence.

However, this process can get frustrating. Typically, the other party will want to blame you for the accident and if they do not, their insurance company will. They will claim your injuries are not as extensive as you say. They might claim your injuries are from an earlier accident or medical condition. They will stall the process as much as they can. They might attack your character, scour your social media accounts, or send private investigators to follow you. Meanwhile, you will have bills piling up, medical expenses to deal with, and you will be missing time from work, as well.

How Injury Attorneys in Perrysburg can Help

As your attorneys, Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott will ensure that you are compensated fairly. We will acquire as much evidence as we can to support your claim. This includes tracking down witnesses, getting subpoenas for surveillance footage, and testimony of your doctors and health care providers to indicate the extent of your injuries. 

In other words, our considerable experience can expedite the litigation process and get your money to you more quickly, with fewer hassles, and for a greater sum.

Talk to a Perrysburg Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Call Lafferty, Gallagher, and Scott to set up a free consultation, and we will take much of the pressure of your recovery off your shoulders.


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