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When it comes to car insurance, Ohio is a tort state. That means, at the bare minimum, every driver is required to carry liability insurance. Drivers can also carry uninsured/underinsured driver’s insurance, personal injury protection, theft, and collision. These other policies pay out regardless of who is at fault. 

You may wonder whether or not you need to hire a lawyer to file a claim against your own or another driver’s insurance policy. The general metric for making this decision is the extent of your injuries. In cases in which you face medical bills, rehabilitation, or are going to miss time from work, having a car accident lawyer in Toledo manage your claim for you ensures that the insurance company will not short-change you.

Understanding Car Accident Claims in Ohio

If you are involved in a car accident, you report the accident to your own insurance company or file a claim against the other driver’s policy. A determination is made as to who was at fault for the accident. If you are more than 50% responsible for the accident, you cannot file a claim against the other driver’s policy. If you are less than 50% responsible, you can file a claim and recover a percentage of your damages equal to the percentage of the other driver’s fault.

Because fault plays such a large role in determining liability, it becomes a likely strategy that the other driver’s insurance company will attempt to blame you for the accident. This reduces their liability and improves their bottom line. Insurance companies are for-profit agencies that make money by denying or reducing the value of legitimate claims.

In these cases, having an car accident attorney represent your interests ensures that you have all the evidence you need to make sure that your claim file is unimpeachable.

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Toledo?

If you have been in a minor fender bender, you likely do not need a car accident lawyer to file a claim. Car accident lawyers in Toledo come into play when there are serious injuries involved. In other words, when the stakes are the highest, you want to be sure that you are receiving the full value of your claim that compensates you for all your damages. This includes medical expenses, missed time from work, and noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering and reduced quality of life.

Talk to a Toledo Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you have been seriously injured by another driver’s negligence, the Toledo car accident attorneys at Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC can help you recover the full value of your damages and see you compensated for all your injuries. Talk to us today to set up a free consultation.


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