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Bowling Green Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents involving large commercial trucks are among the most frightening one can experience. Not only are these massive vehicles several times larger than even the largest personal vehicles, but they are also prone to both mechanical and operator error. While the vast majority of trucks make it safely to their destinations, only one small thing has to go wrong to make the consequences devastating. When that happens, you need an Ohio attorney you can trust to litigate your claim against the commercial trucking company. These claims differ significantly from other auto insurance accident claims.

Commercial Trucks Have Different Insurance Policies

Commercial trucking companies have larger insurance policies. This is because these trucking companies are wholly responsible for the conduct and negligence of their employees while they are on the clock. When the company has hired an unfit driver, allowed a truck onto public roads that was not properly inspected beforehand, or otherwise committed some negligent act that resulted in injuries to others, they can be held liable for injuries. In some cases, this can even void the driver’s personal insurance policy — hence the claim can be against the trucking company.

Trucking Companies can be Held Liable for Unsafe Trucks

Trucking companies have a duty to ensure that the trucks they use to make deliveries are safe to be on the road. Trucks must be inspected before making deliveries. This includes ensuring that the tires are safe. When a tire blowout causes a serious accident, an injured party may be able to claim that the trucking company was negligent. In addition, they may also be able to sue the company that manufactured the tire if it can be shown that the tire was still warrantied.

In some cases, trucks are not equipped with potentially life-saving guard rails that prevent cars from sliding beneath them. This also constitutes negligence.

Trucking Companies can be Held Liable for Improperly Loaded Trucks

In Ohio, a number of trucking accidents are caused by improperly loaded trucks. Trucks that are not properly loaded can capsize or jackknife, causing serious damage to nearby vehicles. The trucking company is responsible for ensuring that the trucks are loaded safely and properly. When they fail in that duty of care, they are responsible for paying damages to the injured parties.

Bowling Green Truck Accident Lawyers Will Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Trucking companies and their insurance companies may offer what they think is a fair settlement, but nothing about the situation is fair to you. You are likely recovering from serious injuries, have been traumatized by the event, might be missing time from work, and in the most extreme cases, may have life-long impairments from which you will never fully recover. The truck accident attorneys at Lafferty, Gallagher, & Scott will fight tirelessly to ensure that you are compensated for every dime you are owed. Schedule a free consultation today.


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