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With a number of large and busy roads, including Interstate 75, Bowling Green is a city through which large trucks frequently travel. While the value of these trucks, and the goods that they transport, are without doubt, the fact remains: large trucks can be dangerous. When a truck accident occurs, contact a talented lawyer to begin the claims process as soon as possible.

Top Causes of Truck Accidents in Bowling Green

No two truck accidents are alike. That being said, there are a number of dangerous behaviors and situations that frequently contribute to truck accidents. These include:

  • Driver error. Not referring to the truck driver, the drivers of other passenger vehicles often act without care or caution, increasing the chances of a truck accident occurring. Trying to pass a truck on the right, cutting a truck off, following too closely, engaging in “squeeze play,” and driving in a truck’s blind spots are all risky behaviors.
  • Truck driver negligence. Truck drivers may also be to blame for an accident. A truck driver may commit an act of negligence, contributing to a crash, when they take a turn too fast, speed, make an illegal lane change, drink while driving, drive while fatigued, or drive distracted.
  • Trucking company errors. Sometimes, the trucking company is to blame for a truck accident. A trucking company may fail to maintain or service their trucks, or may require a truck driver to work beyond the federal hours of service limits.
  • Shipper or loader errors. The purpose of large trucks is to carry cargo. Unfortunately, sometimes this cargo is inherently dangerous – such as an explosive item – or is improperly loaded. When either occurs, a problem with the cargo, such as a cargo shift, may create a dangerous situation, contributing to a crash.
  • Defective vehicle parts. Finally, a defective vehicle part may contribute to or cause a crash. For example, a tire that is manufactured with defective tread may separate, causing a tire blowout that results in a catastrophic accident.

Getting to the Bottom of What Happened

After a truck accident in Bowling Green occurs, the victim of the accident has a big responsibility if they want to be compensated for their injuries: getting to the bottom of what happened. To be sure, if a victim cannot prove the fault of the responsible party, they will not only be unsure of against whom to file their claim, but unlikely to recover compensation for injuries. Because of the number of potentially liable parties, it is essential to work with an experienced truck accident attorney, accident reconstruction experts, auto parts design specialists, and other expert investigators.

Our Law Firm Is Ready to Get to Work

If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is important that you take action sooner rather than later to preserve evidence and ensure your claim is filed within the state’s statute of limitations. To schedule your free case review with a competent Bowling Green truck accident lawyer, call the offices of Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC at your earliest convenience.


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