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Upon stepping foot on a construction site, there is an expectation that all safety measures and precautions will be followed by your employer and fellow workers. There is an assumption that your colleagues have been given the proper equipment and have received the necessary training.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Accidents on construction sites typically happen when the equipment or the workplace environment itself is not safe. The harsh reality is that thousands of construction workers are hurt on the job annually.

Most of the injuries are minor and caused by simple accidents. According to a report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, of the 4,693 fatalities at work in 2016, over 21% were accidents on construction sites. Another unfortunate truth is that many of those accidents could have been prevented, but occurred as the result of someone’s carelessness or negligence.

Safety equipment is not always used. Regulations for safety often go unheeded. Faulty or broken equipment is not replaced quickly enough. Employees sometimes lack the proper safety training. There may be no signage indicating hazardous conditions. The list is endless.

How Accidents can be Prevented on a Construction Site

Even though one out of five workplace fatalities occurs on a construction site, working in construction can be a safe career path. Below are just a few ways construction workers and owners can avoid accidents:

  • Have safety meetings for the crew and have them often: Depending on the level of potential danger on the construction site, briefings could be held daily (i.e. if work that is considered high-risk is required every day). Relevant issues and employee grievances should be addressed, as well.
  • Train employees on workplace safety: The instruction and education of workplace safety standards should not be limited to a 15-minute video at orientation. Employers have a responsibility to educate workers on not only workplace standards but hazards, as well. The company’s safety policy should be written and posted throughout the construction site and include the contact information for each trained first aid responder.
  • Maintain a clean workplace: Areas of the construction site, especially ones with high traffic, should be kept clear and not hampered by debris. This will help avoid preventable workplace accidents such as falls, slips, and trips. Tools should be stored when not in use and walkways should be free of obstacles.
  • Use well-maintained protective clothing and gear: It should go without saying that workers should wear the suggested safety equipment relevant to their job. However, some find the gear uncomfortable or inhibiting. By choosing comfort over safety, they welcome an accident. Hard hats, steel-toed shoes or boots, gloves, goggles or other protective wear should be worn at all times.

Our Attorneys in Bowling Green Can Help with Your Construction Accident Case

The attorneys at Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott have provided representation to many workers who have been hurt while on the job. On behalf of our clients, we have successfully filed suit against responsible parties including contractors and employers. Our construction accident lawyers in Bowling Green can work with you to make complex legal situations simple.

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