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Choosing the Right Hospital

January 22, 2015
By jhartle@lgslaw.net

Clients and friends often asked what hospital they should choose when they need medical services, such as routine care, surgery, MRIs, etc. As personal injury attorneys, we deal with hospitals and medical providers every day. Though we rarely refer anyone to a particular provider or facility, there are some important things to consider when choosing what hospital to use. The following is a simply checklist to help you in your search.

** If you have an emergency situation and need immediate medical attention, go to the nearest hospital**

Talk to you primary doctor

-Find out what hospitals they work with

-Ask which hospital he/she recommends for your condition and needs

-Ask about the doctors and providers at the hospital, and if they are experienced in handling your condition

-Ask about any experiences related by other patients, good and bad

Check with your health insurance provider

-Is the hospital in your network

-Do you need a pre-authorization or pre-approval before you are admitted for hospital care

-What costs will you be responsible for — this amount can vary from hospital to hospital, even with hospitals in the same area

– If you are uninsured, find out what programs the hospital offers to help uninsured people get the medical care and attention they need

Consider you personal preferences

-Do you want a hospital that is close to your home, family and friends

-Are the visiting hours at the hospital convenient

-Are family members allowed to stay overnight with you in your room

Review Patient Ratings on the internet

-Various websites offer patients the opportunity to complete surveys about hospital care, such as www.healthgrades.com and www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare/search.aspx

Discuss your options with your family members and friends

-Talk about what you are looking for, and what experiences they may have had at a particular hospital.

-Discuss any concerns or preferences they may have, as it may lead you to consider things you did not consider before

We hope that you find this information informative, but know that this is only a simple guide to begin your search. You should consider all information you gather when choosing what is best for you and your condition, and should discuss your options with your health care providers before making any final decisions.

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