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How are Truck Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

An accident on the road always has the potential to cause some of the most serious injuries. However, not all automobile accidents are alike. Truck accidents are far more serious…

Common Examples of Truck Driver Error

Many drivers of passenger cars make mistakes when they are behind the wheel. They may cut someone off, forget to use their signal, or become distracted. These negligent acts do…

Can Trucking Companies Contribute to Traffic Accidents?

Many people think that when a truck accident occurs, the truck driver is usually at fault. Unfortunately, it is true that many crashes are caused by negligent truckers who drive while…

What to Do After a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

So, you have been involved in an accident involving multiple vehicles, and even you are not sure who is to blame. Multi-vehicle accidents can be complicated, but there is usually…

Can a Dash Camera Help in Your Personal Injury Case?

Evidence is important in any personal injury case, and that holds true for car accidents. Today, more and more people are installing dash cameras, and they can provide extremely strong…

Understanding a Truck’s “No-Zone”: Avoiding Accidents in Ohio

You know that your vehicle has blind spots and that you are supposed to check them before changing lanes. Large commercial tractor-trailers also have blind spots, and it should not…


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