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Can Dog Owners Be Held Responsible for Bad Behavior?

It's a dog owner's responsibility to ensure that their furry companions are well-behaved and do not pose a threat to those around them. Unfortunately, when dog owners fail to control…

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite in Ohio

Dog bite injuries can leave lasting emotional and physical scars. Victims can experience acute stress following an injury, or they may be left with disfigurements. No matter your exact situation,…

Should You File an Insurance Claim for a Dog Bite?

Dogs are known for their loyalty, friendliness, affection, and many other positive qualities. At the same time, dogs also have the potential to be quite dangerous. The American Animal Hospital Association…

What to Know About Ohio Dog Bite Claims

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are over four million dog bites every year. Being attacked by a dog is a traumatic experience, even if it is only…

Mother of 8-Year-Old Mauled by Pit Bull Speaks Out

Are laws regarding potentially dangerous animals too lax? One mother seems to think so. Her 8-year-old was viciously mauled by a neighbor’s pit bull. The owner of the dog was…

Dog Bite Injuries can be Expensive

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average payout on a dog bite injury is $37,000. Remember that this is the average. Some catastrophic injuries can require several times that…


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