Can Pitocin Cause Birth Injuries? 

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Can Pitocin Cause Birth Injuries? 

February 28, 2024
By Lafferty Gallagher Scott

Navigating the journey of parenthood is an exhilarating experience, but the devastating reality is that in the United States, three babies are born with a birth injury every single hour. The team at Lafferty, Gallagher, & Scott LLC knows how crucial it is for parents to be informed about potential risks that can occur during childbirth, such as birth injuries related to Pitocin. Understanding these risks and knowing your legal rights can help keep your newborn safe.

Understanding Pitocin

Pitocin is a synthetic form of oxytocin, a hormone naturally produced by the body during labor. Pitocin stimulates uterine contractions and is often administered to induce or speed up labor when labor isn’t progressing naturally or needs to be induced for medical reasons. While it can be beneficial in certain situations, it must be used with care and precision.

Pitocin Misuse: A Potential Cause of Birth Injuries

Overuse or misuse of Pitocin can cause excessive and forceful contractions, leading to distress for both the mother and the baby. These intense contractions can result in a decreased oxygen supply to the baby, potentially causing serious conditions such as Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) and Cerebral Palsy (CP). Additionally, the misuse of Pitocin can increase the risk of uterine rupture, a life-threatening complication that poses a danger to both the mother and the baby. 

Seeking Legal Recourse: Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim

Suspecting a Pitocin-related injury can be distressing. If you believe your child has suffered a birth injury due to Pitocin misuse, it’s important to know the steps involved in filing a medical malpractice claim.

First, seek immediate medical attention for your child. Document any symptoms or medical advice given. Next, consult a qualified attorney with a deep understanding of medical malpractice and birth injuries. They can guide you through the legal process, collecting necessary evidence, filing paperwork, and representing your interests in court.

Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott LLC: Your Partner in Pursuing Justice

At Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott LLC, we understand the profound emotional impact a birth injury can have on your family. Our attorneys have been dedicated to helping victims secure financial compensation since 1973. We hold negligent parties accountable, and we’ve obtained over $100 million for our clients.

Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay us nothing unless we win. Money should never be a barrier to justice, especially in challenging times following a birth injury.

Finally, with Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott LLC, your case will receive the utmost attention and care it deserves. From the first time you sit down with us to the closing of your case, we aim to provide the best possible legal representation to help you find the justice you deserve.

Seek Justice for Your Child Today 

While Pitocin can aid labor, its misuse can lead to severe birth injuries. If you suspect a Pitocin-related injury, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott LLC. Let us help you navigate this difficult journey and secure the compensation you deserve. Remember, your road to justice begins here.










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