Can a Broken Bone Be a Catastrophic Injury in Personal Injury Cases?

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Can a Broken Bone Be a Catastrophic Injury in Personal Injury Cases?

April 01, 2024
By Lafferty Gallagher Scott

When you think of catastrophic injuries, what comes to mind? For most, it’s severe spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain damage, or amputations. But what about broken bones? The word ‘broken bone’ might conjure images of a minor inconvenience, but it can mean much more than that in certain situations, particularly in the context of personal injury. Let’s delve into the nuances of this question and understand the implications of a broken bone in the realm of personal injury law.

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries have a deep and often life-changing impact on a person’s life. These are not merely short-term inconveniences but long-lasting conditions that can greatly impact a person’s ability to work, enjoy life, or even care for themselves. They commonly include spinal cord injuries, severe burns, disfigurement, and other trauma that can lead to long-term disability or even death.

The Severity of Broken Bones

A fracture, the medical term for a broken bone, can run a spectrum from a hairline fracture that barely disrupts daily life to shattered bones that can result in significant impairment. Various factors determine the severity of a broken bone injury, such as the type of fracture (stabile, transverse, oblique, or comminuted), the bone involved, and the patient’s age and overall health.

The term’ catastrophic injury’ is not explicitly defined in most states. Still, legally, for a broken bone to be considered catastrophic, it usually means more than just a simple break. It might be a compound fracture that punctures the skin, a comminuted fracture where the bone is shattered into many pieces, or a fracture that causes prolonged or permanent impairment. If the injury results in significant impairment, involves lengthy rehabilitation or significantly impacts the individual’s ability to perform daily tasks or work, the victim may have the potential to receive substantial compensation. 

The Importance of Legal Counsel

In the context of personal injury cases, the severity of the impact on the victim’s life and the associated damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering will be considered when establishing the deserved compensation. However, there can be ambiguity in this matter. Therefore, if you have suffered a fractured bone as a result of someone else’s carelessness, it is crucial to seek counsel from a legal professional. Experienced personal injury attorneys, like those at Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC, understand the nuances of such cases and can help you navigate the legal system. Their team can ensure that you receive the assistance needed to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the injury.

Seek Our Guidance Today

A broken bone should be taken seriously, especially in personal injury. It’s not always a simple matter of healing. The ramifications can be profound, and your right to compensation should be thoroughly pursued. If you have found yourself in such a predicament, the first step is reaching out to the attorneys at Lafferty, Gallagher & Scott, LLC, who understand the gravity of your situation and are dedicated to your recovery, both health-wise and financially. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation, and let us fight for your rights. We’re passionate about getting you the compensation you deserve. 










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