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Few things make us more livid than nursing home abuse and neglect. Our loved ones, who have lived good, long lives, rely on nursing homes to provide the care ...
by on October 22, 2019
For the past decade or so, and into the near future, hospitals have increased the output of their surgeons by having them schedule several surgeries in one ...
by on October 08, 2019
It is generally understood that one of the greatest dangers on the roadways is the presence of drunk drivers. Now, with many states across the country ...
by on August 06, 2019
Although a slip and fall accident is often portrayed as humorous in slapstick comedy, in real life, this type of incident is not a laughing matter. Slip and ...
by on July 23, 2019
The widow of a man killed in a bar fight has filed a lawsuit against the bar, the bartender, the lessor, and the other individuals involved in the fight. ...
by on May 28, 2019



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