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by onSeptember 02, 2014

You hear about lawsuits being filed every day, and I can almost guess the first thoughts that cross your mind when you hear about it: “Someone else trying to get rich, trying to get a quick payday, trying to win the lottery.” For the general public, personal injury lawsuits are about nothing more than the money.

The truth of the matter is that it really is all about the money. It’s about the money for the grieving wife and children of the husband/father killed by an errant firework due to a negligent pyrotechnic. It’s about the money for the family of the man with a permanent traumatic brain injury who will never work again because of a truck driver driving too fast in foggy conditions. It’s about the money for the mother and father of an infant who died during delivery because a negligent doctor did not heed the warning signs of fetal distress. It’s about the money for the grieving child who lost his mother when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver.

It is all about the money. But that is because that is the only means that our justice system has for repairing the wrongs caused by actions and omissions of others. Money will not bring back a deceased loved one, it will not heal an injury, and it will not erase the memories of a traumatic event. But money does help the mother of three put food on the table for her children after their father was killed in an accident. Money does help the paralyzed child get the care, treatment and accommodations she deserves as she fights to regain her ability to walk, lost because a doctor failed to see an infection in her spinal fluid. Money helps the man who lost his leg in a car accident get the best prosthetic that he deserves. And money helps the child sexually abused by a teacher get the counseling he/she needs to try and move on with their life.

So while money may not solve the problems caused by the mistakes of others, it can help those affected by the mistakes continue with their lives and care for those counting on them. So when it comes to compensating a person injured by another, it really does have to be all about the money.

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