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What do I do about the insurance claim ?

by onSeptember 16, 2014

If the other driver is now making a claim against you and/or your boyfriend for the damages to his car or for injuries he suffered in the collision, you need to contact your boyfriend’s automobile insurance company and put them on notice of a claim being made. If your boyfriend did not have insurance, you need to put your automobile insurance company on notice of the claim being made. You must do this in a timely manner, as most policies have a clause requiring prompt notice of all claims and a duty to cooperate in the investigation and handling of claims. If you fail to do so timely, they could deny your claim for failure to follow all conditions of the policy. Call them today. If a lawsuit is filed against you and/or your boyfriend, the automobile insurance will provide you with legal counsel to defend you.
If neither you or your boyfriend had automobile insurance at the time of the collision, you will have to defend the action yourself, either on your own or with your own lawyer.
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