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What if any if the time limit in ex-husband abuses and cases brain damage to ex-wife.

by onMarch 13, 2014

Generally speaking, when injury is the result of intentional conduct (such as assault and battery), then the injured victim must file a lawsuit within one year of the alleged conduct or the claim is forever time-barred. There are exceptions to every rule, especially if the assault/battery rendered the woman incompetent for any period of time. If she was incompetent for any period of time after the assault/battery, then the one year period does not begin to run until she is no longer incompetent.
If not exception applies, the lawsuit must be filed within a year of the assault/battery, or the claim is not timely and will be barred by the Court.
You should consult with an attorney directly concerning this, providing him/her with all the facts of the incident so that they can properly advise you on the statute of limitations.

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