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Should we get a lawyer?

by onJanuary 27, 2014

To answer your question as simply as possible: YES!!! Neither insurance company is your friend, and they do not honestly care about you or your husband. All the auto insurance company cares about is paying as little as possible, and all the health insurance company cares about is getting the money they paid for your husband’s medical care back.

Get a lawyer. He or she will make sure you are protected and not getting the runaround from either insurance company. If you settle for too little, your health insurance company may take everything, leaving you with nothing. If you do not adequately protect your health insurance company’s rights under the policy, they may stop paying bills or cancel your coverage.

You are absolutely correct that your husband is the victim, and it sounds to me like he is being victimized again by the insurance companies. Talk to a qualified lawyer in your area who handles auto accident cases, and he or she will make sure you are protected from every angle.
Best of luck to you and your husband.



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