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If a car is not being driven, does it need to be insured?

by onJuly 03, 2013

Well that depends. Ohio law requires that you maintain financial responsibility insurance on any vehicle that is registered with the state. In other words, if you have a license plate on it, then you have to have insurance on it, even if it is sitting somewhere and not being driven. And if you fail to maintain insurance while the vehicle has a license plate, you could end up having your driver’s license suspended. When you get/renew your plates and get/renew your license, you sign a form acknowledging that you are required by law to maintain insurance on any vehicle registered in your name.
One option is to surrender the license plates. Remove them from the vehicle, and notify the BMV that you are surrendering the license plates to the vehicle and not registering it under another plate. You may have to turn the actual plates into the BMV. Im not really sure how that works.
Once the plates have been removed/surrendered, you no longer have to have insurance on the vehicle. But you also cannot drive the vehicle again until you re-register it and get new plates for the vehicle.
Another option is to contact your insurance company. Tell them that you will not be driving the vehicle for a certain amount of time, and that it will be garaged during this time and will not be on the road. They may be able to offer you a break on the insurance for this time period. No guarantees, but doesnt hurt to look into it.

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